Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration & Sociology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Student Inventor. Research interests sociology of innovation (both idea generation and market adoption), organizational sociology, entrepreneurial teaching methods, and, more generally, the shift in higher education from being banks of knowledge to knowledge producing. I am also a current events junkie and a technology enthusiast.  

August 2014-May 2017


Concentration in new venture management. Degree ongoing.

August 2017-Present

Master of Business Administration, Master of Hospitality Administration,

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Current Projects:

"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

-author unknown

Brittney Martino

Technology, innovation, and business development

Las Vegas, NV



About me:

Graduate student and working professional. 


My research interests as an undergraduate included the sociological study of networks and the social factors that influence innovation and invention. As a successful participant in University of Nevada, Las Vegas gaming and hospitality innovation programs, I began conducting research on "University Derived Intellectual Property." Over the years, higher education has transitioned from an institution, acting as a bank of knowledge, to knowledge 'producing.' More universities are employing research and development to file patents and create startups with the goal of increasing regional economic development. My interests focus on these new methods of teaching, and the social factors therein. 

Additionally, I am currently employed at the International Gaming Institute at UNLV and p2klabs, a technology, design, and marketing firm in Las Vegas, NV. At the International Gaming Institute I serve as the technology commercialization coordinator for all three of our innovation programs (gaming, hospitality, and Esports). In this position, I help student and faculty inventors develop products and source potential licensees and/or form startups. At p2k labs, I am responsible for business development where I am also given the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and help companies scale their businesses. Want to learn more about how I can help you meet your goals. Contact me using any of the links provided.


More information can be found via my blog or Linkedin

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